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Some Of The Most Common Marketing Mistakes

If you are a business owner scarce on marketing funds, then you might be tempted to cut a few corners in-order to save yourself some pocket change. Now you are free to do what you want, but this could end up costing you more money and no results. We are going to walk through a few of the more common ”Corner cutting” marketing mistakes.

Outdated Information –

One of the most important mistakes made is the subject of outdated information, whether it be polls, statistics, surveys, demographics, getting any of this information wrong can be damaging to your company’s marketing plan, and even worse your company’s bigger picture. Stay away from outdated information and trust only credible sources with your informational market research.

Using ONLY the web –

Now-a-days the World wide web can be the best a fastest way to gather information, but it also lacks person to person interaction. No what happens if your targeted audience are elderly people aged 60-80 who are on disability? Well i can tell you this, from my experience working in the newspaper industry, elderly folks would much rather prefer a hard copy than electronic. So to get the most accurate information possible your best bet is to take your surveys/polls/voting…ETC off the web and move on to surveys through the mail, in person, or on the phone. Don’t think about what is best for you, think about what is best for the Customer, and your company.

Surveying people you know –

This may be a small mistake, but it can cost you greatly. Surveying people you know “Neighbors, Friends, Family, Co-workers. etc.” are typically not the best subjects to survey. You need to find real customers with real needs, in order to find out what those needs are, and how you can meet those needs. After all its all about supply and demand, if you are supplying the perfect product that best meets the customers needs than you will have met the customers demand.

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