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Dental Marketing Plans That Double Your Website Traffic

Having on online presence for your dental practice is a great way to make it easier for clients to find you. However, just having a floating website that is sitting there and not drawing in new customers is not going to help you continue to increase your overall client base. Instead, you should be looking to build a dental marketing plan that helps you bring in new traffic on a continual basis. After all, doubling your initial traffic on a routine basis will provide you with more potential clients that could eventually end up in your office, which you can then do what’s necessary to turn them into life-long customers. Here are some dental marketing plans that can help your website bring in twice the amount of traffic and why you should start using them today.

The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

Have you heard about SEO? To some, this might be a confusing or mystifying term, but it’s actually a quite simple principle. Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to where your website lists whenever an internet user inputs a string of keywords into a search platform like Google or Yahoo. For example, if a prospective client is looking for a dentist in their area and they type it in on a search engine, you want to make sure that you are listed for them to find. However, it’s not just about being listed or even being listed on the first page. Instead, your website will get increased amounts of traffic if you are within the first three links listed on these search engines. Nearly 30% of all traffic goes directly to the link that is first listed, which is why you want that to be your dental practice. Considering most people will simply do a new search if they can’t find what they want on the first page, you want to make it as easy on them as possible for finding you, which can be done if you are listed at the top of SEO rankings.

Adwords – Worth The Investment

Also listed on search engines are paid advertisements located at the top and bottom of each page. Google, for example, uses their system of Adwords to help businesses get their name out by advertising their company directly where the most traffic is likely to look first. Adwords will cost you to have your practice listed directly at the top of these pages, but the returns can certainly be worth the investment.

Organic Content

Lastly, you should look to include unique and original content on your website, in order to make sure that it stands out from the hoards of other online information. Many dental marketing agencies will simply reuse the same content for every client that they work with. However, a firm like Crawford and O’Brien individually personalizes each bit of content that is tailored directly to their dental clients. In doing so, this increases the likelihood of new traffic to your site, which can lead to more clients landing in your dental office. Your online marketing plan should include a variety of different methods and techniques, and the ones listed here will be sure to help you get twice the traffic that you are used to seeing. If you have yet to see the traffic you’d like, or even if you simply want to ramp up your numbers even more, be sure that you use the tips mentioned here.

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