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Content Marketing Strategy West Plains

There are quite a few companies in the business of building websites.  Over the years, website building tools have become increasingly easier to use. and  as a result, web builders are pretty easy to find.  A few years back, building a website required a more thorough understanding of markup languages than it does today.  Now, it really  doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put together a good looking website.

Most web designers do a commendable job of creating attractive and useful websites. SEO, or search engine optimization,  is s term often causally thrown around freely when discussing the building of new website. Though the  truth is that majority of website designers do pay attention to on-page SEO factors, few web designers are really specialist in “behind the scenes” search engine  optimization which involves the pseudo science of understanding the actions of search engine algorithms. Great SEO that’s really effective at putting your website at the top of the keyword searches that are important to your business goes much deeper than attention to on-page keyword factors.

Good content marketing strategy also never fails to ignore the importance of building an engineered backlink structure and internal link structure to your website. That can and should be designed in from the beginning, even before any content is added at all. In fact, when we build a new site, we use techniques which are able to cause the new site to get good Google ranking even with only a minimal amount of keyword content on the site to begin with. The the on page SEO becomes only like  icing on the cake.

Your Website is only a Foundation

Of course you can eat cake without icing, but its not very good, and you have to have a cake to put the icing on. First you need a good website, and then you need to design features into it that get attention from search engines in the areas that are vital to your business. Lots of  internet users would enjoy looking at your website, which might in fact be a piece of art!  But your pretty website is of little real value to you until your potential client base begins to find it.  They can only find it by seeing it appear  in the search engine results that you want them to find it in.

Expose Your Website

Contrary to popular belief, your website gets the most exposure as a function of many factors that have little or nothing to do with the site’s own internal page content. That’s not to say that on-page SEO is not important at all, because it certainly also does matter.  To draw attention to your website, you  need  a content strategy that draws attention to your pages from search engines in all the ways that the search algorithms are looking to find.

To build a complete content marketing strategy that you need three vital things.  You need

– A well developed network of backlink attention from other reputable websites

–  Attention to on-page SEO on every page or piece of content that you create

–  Independent online content, and lots of it. the more, the better!

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