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5 Savvy Ways To Get Fans To Share Your Posts

You’ve tried all the obvious ways to make your Facebook posts more shareable: you asked them to share, you used cool pictures, you keep promotional pitches to a minimum. Yet, your Facebook posts are still getting few shares. What’s going wrong?

It may not be that you are doing anything wrong, per say. Rather, with the sheer amounts of content which funnels through Facebook timelines on a daily basis, even people with heavy fingers are becoming more reluctant to share interesting posts. So, you’ll have to get a bit savvier if you want those shares!

1) Aim for Clicks

If you want someone to share a link to your blog post, then that person first needs to read the blog post. This won’t happen unless you are writing really good titles, summaries and including intriguing pictures.

2) Be Really Emotional

It is clichéd but obviously true: Posts which are emotional in nature (like those motivational quotes or funny pictures) get the most shares on Facebook. Take this Facebook post as an example. It got 162 shares in just 13 hours.

3) Make the Post Timely

Everyone likes to feel like they are up on current events. So, the more time-sensitive your post is, the more likely they are to share the info.

4) Don’t Blindly Follow Expert Advice

Most experts will tell you that short Facebook posts get the most shares. Well, this isn’t always the case. Take this post below as an example. It got 63 shares in less than an hour – and it is nearly 500 words long! Don’t blindly follow the advice you read. You’ve got to test things out for yourself to see what gets the best results.

5) Summarize Entire Articles

Let’s say that you’ve written a really long, informative guide about something. Not everyone will want to read the entire thing – but they may still want to share the knowledge. Write really good summaries of your content with the main points highlighted. Then Facebook fans will be more likely to pass it on.

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